Sports federations should be headed by sports persons not by businessmen: SC

Friday, 06 December 2013 10:47

The Supreme Court on Thursday blamed the administrators for the poor state of the national game, hockey, in the country. 

The court stated that the sports bodies should be headed by sports persons and not by businessmen. It also mentioned that politics has taken hockey into abysmal low. 

Deteriorating condition of the national game is a matter of concern. India used to win gold medals earlier but not now, stated the apex court. 

It is to be noted that politics has been deeply rooted in Hockey for a long time now. The tussle between Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and Hockey India (HI) fighting for claiming sole power over hockey is well known. Hockey India had approached the apex court 2 years ago and it was during the hearing of this case on Thursday that the court made this observation. 

The Indian hockey team has won the Olympic gold eight times but finished last (12th) at the London Olympics and finished in eighth place at the World Cup in 2010 - winning just one match out of six. 

The only loser in the political scenario has turned out to be Indian hockey.

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